Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I heard the phone ring yesterday and I raced to pick it up hoping yet not trusting myself to hope then I said hello and all the world was RIGHT! I heard this little, gigglely voice say "Grandma, I know you miss me, but I have something to tell you." It took him several starts and I'm not sure he ever got to the story he actually called to tell me but we had a lovely chat. After I proposed to him multiple times just to hear his laugh once more, he tells me....that is SO Gross, Grandma! Luke Thomas pulls at my heart strings and makes me want to book the next flight to Arkansas.
Placing our adult children in God's hands and asking Him to direct them means He may call them into His Vineyard far from us. It is comforting to know that He is there for them and for us in those lonely times when we long to see them and touch there face. Thankfully technology allows as faster contact than a hundred years ago. Now I must send off that letter that I promised Luke. It really helps sometime to hold in your hand proof that your loved one thought of you and said it in writing. LOL Just being trandparent today. I miss you, Phillip, Merrie Beth, Jason, Steven, Timmy, Luke, and dear little Aaron. Don't grow up too soon little ones. I LOVE YOU!

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