Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Confused? Yes, definitely! I just went up in the attic Monday to find a little angel to add to the wreath my daughter gave me a couple years ago which had little angels with each of my 6 grandchildren's names on it. Last year we were so lovingly made grandparents again in February and I had never gotten around to adding Aaron's angel to the wreath. In fact I couldn't even find the extra angels. So this dilemma took me to the attic.
Well Zachary my 4 year old grandson followed me and so sweetly said Grandma lets get the Christmas boxes out.I reasoned within myself and agreed that i could do a more thorough search if I took them out into the bedroom connected to the attic. Then of course following the failure to find the little ceramic angel Zachary suggested we bring the boxes downstairs. Absolutely not! No way ~ no can do!! Zachary (says I) I will have to clean and rearrange the living room first. Grandma, I will pick up my toys and run the sweeper says he. Oh how angelic Zachary offers his assistance. I agreed.
Today (Tuesday) Zachary says grandma could we bring the tree downstairs? Oh not right now. I have chores to do. I will help you Grandma. And he does. Now Grandma? Well you know we are NOT putting up the tree till your sister is here with us and only in November! So we push, pull, and thump the big box with the Christmas tree down the steps. Zachary is happy. Abigail comes home from second grade. Grandma she says Thursday I don't have school. It's teacher inservice day. It's also I'm thinking November 1st. So I announce Thursday will be the day we set the tree up. Yeaaaaa Grandma's a heroine.
My husband comes home from work to his favorite potato soup. The grandchildren go home. Phillip says I could help you put the Christmas tree together. You know how all the orange, red, brown, blue, black and white...etc tips on the branches have to match. I am thinking I remember how carefully I put the tree away last year and how quickly it will go together. But I will need a place to put those Christmas gifts I have just ordered when they come. Alright and we dive in. Like two children. But we will NOT decorate the tree till Thursday. Absolutely NOT! No way.
Now if I could just find that troublesome little angel who got me into this in the first place.How confusing life can be but also how enjoyable the simple things such as doing family activities.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Farmer Zachary

Monday, October 01, 2007

Do you think we would fit in?
8/31 Our Anniversary
Harvest Time 13 five gallon buckets
Grandpa & Abigail shucking corn
Hannah cutting & bagging it
finished product = 60 bags

Did you think I had forgotten my Blog? Well life happens you know and the faster I go the behinder I get. LOL I was also waiting to get some pictures put on a CD so I could update and with that accomplished let's begin!!