Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Today is a sick day. Are Mother's allowed those? I didn't see that clause in my contract. Just the minor stuffy nose, sore throat kind. I sound like I could sing bass if in fact I could sing. So the tea, chicken noodle soup, cough drops, and Vick Rub are keeping me company. Please don't forget the tissues. I'm so thankful Jesus is with me even when I smell like a drug store. He's the BEST friend!

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Sweetest Day!

On Saturday I returned home from my Mother's where I had been assisting her while she had her other hand operated on for carpel tunnel. This is what my Darling Husband had on the table to greet me, 4 bottles of my favorite tea ( Gold Peak Tea), 2 dozen Roses, and 2 Sweetest Day cards. He then took me out for supper at Golden Corral. Yes, you are correct..... I AM Spoiled! But I really LOVE the man. Thank you Phillip. You are my sweetheart.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Phil....Can it really be????







This is tooo funny.....me with the BIG bangs! 1982

Yearbook Yourself

I think I'll stick with the yearbook picture I had. I will try to post the picture they showed of me in 1974 it was NOT like the one that I have.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Have I read this someplace before?
After blogging I visited my daughter Sarah's blog and I found she has blogged some of the same family events as I so instead of duplicating the wonderful time we had Saturday at the Butterfly farm and Grand Rapids, Ohio I encourage you to check my list of fellowbloggers, find Sarah and Tony's blog and read all about it!! She does a wonderful job of adding pictures. It was so touching to this grandma's heart to hear Abigail and Zachary say, "This is the best day EVER." I'm very happy they enjoyed themselves.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wedding Bells

Friday evening we attended the wedding of Joseph Thoroughman and Lynette Watters. it was a lovely candlelight ceremony. The bride was so beautiful as she walked up the isle on her proud father's arm. The bride's father Tim Watters and the groom sang a touching song called My Little Girl as Joseph pledged his love and to care for Tim's "Little Girl" before Tim gave her hand to Joseph. After the invocation Joseph sang a song he wrote to Lynette called Between your Heart and Mine. Then Tim gave the charge in his humorous way as he assured Joseph it was in his "best interest" to be gentle with Lynette and he charged Lynette that she would now submit to Joseph. The vows were exchanged, Bibles presented,unity candles lit, followed by a prayer of blessing by Joseph's grandfather. Concluding with Joseph and Lynette singing so eloquently To Serve Christ. Then the moment Joseph had been waiting for (so stated Lynette's father) as they were pronounced husband and wife. A reception was held at the Tecumseh Community Center. The menu included ham, scalloped potatoes, corn, green beans, and rolls. Lynette's mother, Esther out-did herself with her special recipe for the potatoes. The entire wedding was a lovely, touching, and Christ-honoring event from beginning to end. The newly weds are honeymooning in the heart of Amish country in Ohio. As Abigail stated at the conclusion of the ceremony,"Now they can live happily- ever after." May God grant that it be so. Congratulations Lynette and Joseph Thoroughman.

What have you been up to?

September 27 Th was the Newman reunion for my Mother's family. I didn't take many pictures this year but I did get a photo of my Mother during the Memorial Service lighting a candle in Memory of my father. This is done for each of our grandparents, their children (and in-laws), grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. We always have a delicious meal and Mom of course brings her famous home-made noodles. Naomi enjoyed hunting for the bubble gum in the whipped cream without using her hands. I believe my granddaughter won that race. They also enjoyed painting ceramic crafts. I enjoyed meeting all the new grandchildren that my cousins have had born into their families over the past year. Of course we always have a great time at the close of the day with the hot dog roast and chili/bean soup and the hay ride. One of my second cousin's grew her own mum's (over 300) for her wedding last fall and this year she brought them to sell at the reunion. The huge attraction at the reunion this year was a box of photo's that my cousin brought which belonged to his mother (recently deceased) who was a collector of pictures. So many memories were re-lived as we dove into this treasure chest of memories. The annual live and silent auction was so much fun as always. I purchased a couple items my crafty cousin Dianna made. One was a fall wreath for my father's grave. The other was I am saving as a Christmas gift so I shall not mention it who knows who may be reading my blog. LOL
Well the following week my daughter Naomi, granddaughter Abigail and I stayed with my mother. Mom had carpel tunnel surgery on her left hand. We went with her to the out patient surgery and as the nurses were prepping her getting IVs hooked up Abigail said, "I feel sick." She couldn't stand seeing them stick needles into her "nanny." In her defense Abigail really did come down with a 24-hour bug that caused her to be sick and have a fever but recovered quickly. Mom got along very well throughout the week and it has helped her with the pain and numbness she was experiencing. I came home on Sunday and imagine my surprise when she called me on Thursday to say that when she went to the doctor to have her stitches removed she also set up her surgery for her right hand for next Wednesday. So here we go off to Mom's next week. LOL Bless her heart she would do the same for me in a heartbeat! Abigail is excited to be homeschooling so it gives her the freedom to go with me. Her only request was NOT to go in the room where they put needles in "nanny."