Monday, September 22, 2008

Love, Respect, and Fun
Friday Phillip and I went to Tony and Sarah's home and ate pizza then Hannah kindly babysat Naomi, Abigail, and Zachary while we left to attend a Love and Respect video conference produced by Emerson and Sarah Eggerich. It was the same as the live Conference Phillip and I attended in Troy, MI several years ago. We enjoyed it just as much as the first time. What a wonderful refresher course on the need for a wife is to be LOVED and the need of a husband is RESPECT. The knowledge of these truths was spoken with such humor and yet so pointedly that we couldn't miss it.
The conference was a 2-day event so Saturday morning we left the children in Hannah's capable hands to attend the final sessions. We were finished by 1:30. The church we are attending
had a Family Fun Day. So after the conference we went to the church park where Hannah had already taken the children. There was food, a hay ride, volley ball, three-legged race, a moonwalk for the kid's, Bible quiz games, pumpkin painting, a cake walk, and a bonn fire. Over the course of the day there were over 100 people who attended. It was a huge success and so much fun. Thank you Hannah for once again making it possible for us to attend the conference and Thanks to Tony and Sarah for going with us. What a full and enriching weekend!

Friday, September 12, 2008

A Gentle Reminder

Today started as usually.. having more things to do than time to do it in.. I was so behind in work.. I was trying top rush and get it all in... You make mistakes when you do that.. I am 5 hours behind and need to rush!!I have several items to mail and thought I would mail them tomorrow. I decided I had to get the items out now. We have a storm headed our way.. I really didn't have time to go, but I went anyway..I arrived and there were 12 people in line.. Oh my, I will be here for awhile... People were in line and you could sense their restlessness.. toes were tapping on the floor, fingers on the counter.. no one was a happy camper.. An elderly man wasin the line.. I would find later he is 97!Finally the moment arrives and I place all the packages on the counter. The Postal Lady starts doing my packages.. out of the corner of my eye, I see the elderly man start to shuffle back in... he goes to the back of the line to start over..As soon as I finish, I head out the door.. but, something inside tells me to stop and ask this man how old he is.. I tap him in the shoulder and ask.. He replies "97" ... I leave and as I start to put my key in the car.. Something inside.. says.. STOP!!!! I know it was God, but I didn't have time to stop, I had places to be.. I am in a rush!! I am 5 hours behind!!!!I listened to God... I went back inside the post office and the same man is waiting patiently in there is 14 people in front of him. I can sense that he is blessed just to take another breath.. He is not in a rush.. he is taking each breath of God in patience! I gently tap him on the shoulder and say "Sir, I will wait in the line for you and pay for your package" He turns and his gentle old gray eyes.. say "Thank you"... Suddenly, the postal worker behind the counter said: "Ma'am... that's o.k... have him come to the counter..".... Everyone started clapping for this man and this elderly man turned and smiled at all..(Yes, I am in tears as is everyone in the line" .. )Suddenly the Post Office Changed.. Everyone turned to the person next to them and said: "Have A God Blessed Day"... Frowns turned to smiles and the kindness in the room was more than most people could take.. Doors were being opened... Gentle whispers of happiness were being shared... At that moment.. "Not having enough time to wait" turned into a lesson of life and what awaits!As I left, I saw the elderly man in his car.. He had left several moments before I.. Why was he taking so long to leave.. .. Oh yes God.. I see...Because he is not in a rush... He is taking each moment with a single breath...Take time today to show kindness and remember that life is not to be a race.. it is to be taken with a single breath.... Who knows, by slowing down, you may feel the presence of God working within you...May you all have a very blessed day.....

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Mill House B&B
Saturday, August 30th Phillip and I headed for Grand Rapids, Ohio in honor of our 34th anniversay.
The Garden Room
We enjoyed this room on Saturday but we were moved to another room on Sunday because another couple had reserved it that night. We later discovered it was a Soldier and his wife who was being deployed for Iraq on Monday. They were sharing one last oasis of privacy and peace.

Sunday morning August, 31st (Our Anniversary) we shared breakfast with another couple who were from Columbus, Ohio on the terrace. It was a lovely meal. Tasteful in looks and content. We had a fruit cup, egg souffle, sausage, mini bagel, and scones. Then we attended a church in the area. We came back to our room and just spent time together. In the afternoon we took a walk to the dam. Notice the small island in the background. Phillip and I sat on the bench here on this island late that evening and did some smooching. LOL Very romantic for whispering sweet nothings. This fall it will be completely renovated with a new bridge and flowers.

Phillip and I enjoyed the Terrace and the beautiful flower gardens just outside our Garden room.

An Invitation to Swing
This 1/2 mile path led to the dam with some swings and benches along the way.
Birds and Ducks congregate on this shallow river and many people walked here also
Kyak and Canoe rental were available

Phil walking the Maumee River
Walking the Dam
Steps to the River
The Canal behind the Mill House

Day Dreaming by the River

Fishing and Playing ~ this part of the river is only about 2 feet deep and children and adults enjoyed activities here. There are state parks on both sides of this lake. Who would have guessed that 45 minutes from our home was this nice getaway.
Sunset on the Maumee
34 years together

The Canal Boat (The Volunteer) is pulled by mules. We had planned on Monday to take a ride but it is closed on Monday so we will have to come back another time.

inside the canal boat
Tee-Na-Beek Room
We stayed in this room Sunday night. It was a small room but so artfully decorated.
The signature refreshment served at breakfast and bedtime were these delicious Scones. Some were filled with fruit and others with Chocolate chips.
Sitting by the entrance of the canal. The steps come right down to a picnic table.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Feasting and Drinking Butterflies

On Monday after Phillip and I checked out of the Mill House B&B we walked across the street to visit the Housley House Bed & Breakfast. Several people told us how nice it was and they gave free tours every day to anybody who walks in. It was very impressive also and the owners were so friendly.

Don and Teresa told us as we were leaving of places of interest nearby. So after finding the mule drawn boat ride closed we went to the Butterfly House in Whitehouse, Ohio. They have over 500 species of butterflies that are awesome to behold! The butterflies devoured bananas and drank from sponges. There was also a small pond in the back yard with a few big goldfish and a couple baby ones. There is also a waterfall and music playing by the pond with a stone bench to sit and relax. In the nearby flower garden there is an iron bench shaped as a butterfly. What a delightful weekend

MY Butterfly mate
A new-born Moth

Watch your step
Unusual markings
So close I could have picked it up ~ it never moved
Hide N Seek

Butterfly Rules
Mating Butterflies ~ The employee who was in the room said this is an unusual moment to capture on film. This was the first time even she had seen this here in the room.
The butterflies would land anyplace ~ on your back, on your clothes, or on the floor (so watch your step)
This butterfly was injured but still able to fly away
What an amazing day I spent enjoying some of God's small but beautiful creations flying so near me.
A few of my favorite people people in the world to share a cook-out with. After returning from a memorable weekend with my better half Hannah and Sarah had a nice picnic planned at Munsen Park. It was a very relaxing day. Thank you to the girls who cared for their sister Naomi till we returned home.

Sarah, Tony, Abigail, & Zachary