Monday, June 23, 2008

Sister of the Groom
Tiffany Melton
Isaac & Heidi Clark

The kissing Couple

The Wedding Cake

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Off to Nanny's and a Wedding

Wedding Guest
Savannah Mayle and Abigail Watters
(our niece and granddaughter)


Heidi and her Father (Terry Newman)


Saturday, June 14, 2008

Our Blessings
(honest I wasn't pinching Aaron)
What a Swinger!
Could it be.....the next rocket scientist ?!

The Hayride was the Highlight of the Day

Timmy feeding the ducks
Luke in a Tree
Our little Tadpoles

Aaron Playing

Jason feeding the goat
Grandchildren on the Merry-go-round
Zachary feeding carrots to the goats
Timmy Constructing a tower
A morning at the Park

At Dominos Farm
By the Duck Pond

Timmy (in back)
Hannah holding Aaron
Indian Princess Abigail
Luke the Baker & Taster Tester

My tree Frogs

Zachary & Abigail

Jason, Abigail, & Steven

Guess who came to visit?

Merrie Beth and the children drove in from Kansas this week and we thoroughly enjoyed having them. We had so much fun. Aunt Hannah gave the kids a swimming pool for the really warm days. Then we took them to Dominos Farms Petting Zoo where they also got to go on a hayride. Abigail and Zachary came over and even stayed all night with us and had a sleepover. Luke helped me make cookies. Then on Thursday night Timmy, Steven, & Jason stayed all night with Zachary and Abigail. On Saturday Hannah took them to play putt-putt. Grandpa took them to get ice cream after church Wednesday evening and then Hannah took them again after playing putt-putt. Many more pictures are to follow!

The Rest of the Story
I'm sure if you have read my blog since the first of the year you are familiar with the story of my intended trip to Kansas. I went to Ohio on Friday intending to catch my flight on Tuesday only to find out when I arrived that Skybus had gone bankrupt. Well here'sssssss the rest of the story:

We bought 2 plane tickets in October using our debit card through United Bank & Trust and 4 days before our flight (April) Skybus Airlines went bankrupt. Skybus informed all customers to ask the credit/debit card companies who we used to purchase tickets to contact them for a full refund. United Bank & Trust asked me to come in and sign some papers which I did to begin the process of getting back our refund. After a month I called them to find out where my refund was and I was told that because the purchase of the tickets was more than 90 days before the bankruptcy it was their policy to not go after a refund for our tickets. Now tell me how I was suppose to put a claim in 90 days before the airline even went bankrupt! Never purchase a plane ticket using your debit card. We also bought 6 other tickets using our credit card and guess what ..... the NEXT WEEK we were refunded the full amount.
Now that I've gotten that off my's in one of those "life is SO unfair Mystery bags."