Friday, June 29, 2007

Our grandchildren and their cousin Savannah.
(Cowboys & Poodle Skirts)

Our niece, Savannah Mayle & granddaughter,
Abigail Watters
(in their Poodle Skirts)

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Clowning Around

Phillip & Cathy (holding Aaron) with
Timmy, Zachary, Abigail, Jason, Steven, Luke

Savannah showing her favorite play spot.
3 little monkeys playing in a tree ....

Pizza Party

Cookie Making Day!
Cousins in constructive play.

Even the Bride & Groom couldn't help enchanting Little Aaron

Aaron Avery 3 months old entertained us for hours with his coos.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Timothy Avery filling the Lake with stones
Zachary Watters wetting his toes in the Lake
Naomi Avery hair blowing as the waves grow

Phillip & Cathy Avery
Sarah & Tony Watters
Phil & Merrie Beth Avery
Hannah Avery
Naomi Avery
Abigail & Zachary Watters
Jason, Steven, Timothy, Luke, & Aaron Avery
Monday, June 4th,2007 dawned with excitement and expectation. Our daughter-in-law and 5 grandsons arrived at our home. We were amazed at the growth in the children and couldn't hold baby Aaron and pass out kisses often enough. Right away we saw there were adjustments to be made. Luke (age 2) was afraid of the Poodle we had been caring for. So it was like musical chairs when Luke was inside "Cuddles" was in the back yard or on the back porch. Or if Luke was outside the dog was inside on the front porch or in the front yard. But Cuddles loves children so he couldn't understand why he couldn't be with the boys so he barked. Sometimes we didn't get Cuddles moved in time and we would hear a scream and know that Luke's path had crossed with Cuddles. By the last few days after observing the other children playing with Cuddles you guessed it Luke no longer screamed at the sight of Cuddles and even teased him on occassion.

With any gathering of people there will be accidents. So on Wednesday after a warm and busy day the children played in the sandbox then came inside for supper. After supper they took a bath and prepared for church. Timmy (age 4) was so tired he fell asleep on the couch. As it came time to leave I decided to assist Timmy to the car. We made it outside on the sidewalk where Timmy stumbled and fell. Then it was like leap-frog! I fell over top of Timmy and landed on my mouth. Other than minor scrapes and bruises the major damage was my teeth. After a trip to the dentist it was determined I would require 4 teeth extracted and a partial plate installed. This dental work hasn't begun yet but the impressions have been made. What about Timmy, you may ask? Timmy was led back in the house where he curled up on the couch once more sound asleep with no memory of the incident.
Another bad memory was the evening Luke tumbled down the steps from our upstairs. Phillip saw it happen and was first to the scene. His report of it was that Luke fell head over heels from the top steps to the bottom. We praise the Lord that nothing was broken or cut. Other than being scared we couldn't find and damage on him.
It was exceptionally warm on Thursday after Merrie Beth and the grandchildren arrived so we took them to Sterling State Park and let the children play in the water. Timmy decided he didn't want to be a sea-captain and was content to play along Lake Erie's shore. It was a very relaxing time and a real memory maker for the children.
On Saturday we attended the wedding of our pastor, Michael & Ruth Anne (Montgomery) Arnold. It was like being at Cinderella and her Prince Charming's wedding. The children were so excited for days afterward you could here them chanting "Here Comes the Bride...." and of course there were several re-enactments. LOL It was so cute.
The following week we began by taking the children to visit their great-grandparents, Arthur & Marjory Avery. Tuesday we started talking about and planning to attend the Newman Family reunion. This would require a 4 hour trip to Philo, Ohio and a weekend stay with (Cathy's mother) their great grandmother Naomi (Newman) Mayle. This was the first time for the great-grandparents to see Aaron. In preparation for the reunion the children and I spent one day baking cookies. Actually after the first batch that they assisted me with it was me baking - them eating! LOL Which I enjoyed giving them.
All through the week the children had the best time around the sandbox grandpa built. It was a lifesaver! Plus they enjoyed going to the park with Aunt Hannah and a sleep over with Abigail and Zachary at Aunt Sarah's & Uncle Tony's home. Tony, Hannah & Merrie Beth thrilled the children by taking them to a small circus to see the animals, clowns, and walk up the moon walk.
On Wednesday we attended church and then Timmy, Luke, Jason & Steven began getting excited about the next day. You see by this time it was June 13th and they had been east of Kansas since about May 18th visiting family WITHOUT their daddy, who was home working & pastoring. Thursday, June 14th our son Phil flew into Metro Airport aound 11:30 p.m. to join his family. Steven was so excited he asked Grandpa if he could ride along to the airport to get his daddy.
Friday we all loaded up and invaded my mother's home. We had a pizza party that night. While the children renewed relationships with their cousins Savannah & Ray Mayle. Then Ray & Savannah also decided to stay overnight at grandma's house to spend as much time as possible with their cousins. Saturday morning was a time of picture-taking and then on to the reunion which was only across the road at my uncle & aunt's home (the former home of my grandparents). The reunion held many memories of games, auctions, food, fun, & fellowship with near and distant cousins. The total attendance was 162. The silent and live auction raised $714.75.
Sunday morning we all attended Church with my mother where my cousin Terry Newman pastors. It was Father's Day. Also, Phil & Merrie Beth chose this day and place to have Aaron dedicated. As parents, grandparents, and great grandmother stood with Aaron's parents in giving him back to the Lord and dedicating him to the Saviour. It was a very touching dedication which was closed by the Church gathering around Aaron to anoint him for the physical difficulties he was born with. God's presence was so real.
After dinner the children went outside to play one last time with their cousins under the giant pine tree and the adults shared and remimencised knowing that the close was soon coming. All the vehicles were loaded then Phillip, Naomi, and I said good-bye to our 5 Kansas grandsons and their parents. We made a stop at the Cemetery to visit my Brother & Father's grave and place new flowers on their graves. We drove the 4 hours back to Michigan filled with many memories and thanking God for a Blessed time with our family.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Luke Thomas Avery age 2

Phil & Merrie Beth with "Their Graduates"

Monday, June 11, 2007

Timmy (age 4) and Aaron Avery (3 months)

Jason & Steven
how angelic
age 7 ~1st grade awards/graduation ceremony

Friday, June 08, 2007

Jason & Steven Avery
1st grade graduation

Monday, June 04, 2007

There was excitement as we prepared for our family from Kansas to visit us. One of the "important" jobs was the construction of a new sand box for the children. Merrie Beth and their 5 sons arrived this morning. How blessed we felt as we once again held Aaron who is now 3 months old. We put the extension leaf in the table and counted 13 in the family circle. What fun, sharing, laughter, NOISE! LOL I wouldn't trade it for anything. Of course this is only the first day (joking)! The twins couldn't wait for Abigail to come home from school....they said they couldn't remember her voice. We are confident they will get not soon forget it after their visit is over. (smile) Be sure to visit this blog & Sarah's blog for pictures. Maybe Hannah will even have a few.